03 May 2010

Wine Vacuum Stoppers of Old

Vacu Vin has made a killing selling wine vacuum stoppers. 
They worked beautifully and lasted a long time. 

But I think the company realized that they worked too well and didn't wear out quickly enough to be REALLY profitable.  So, a new and improved version was released a few years ago.

Modifications were made "to improve quality".  This version has two parts; a stopper and an O-ring.  The plastic ring was added to provide a better seal (or so they claim). Also, the vent system was redesigned to increase the quantity of air that could be removed from a bottle.

After having used both models. I do not agree.  The seal, on the new model, becomes weak b/c of the O-ring warping after frequent use and/or machine washing.  The only good thing about these stoppers is well.....NOTHING.

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